Släkt med Wasling

Relatives of the Swedish family Wasling

Redaktörens hemsida

Principles for the chronicle

Who is the family?

To separate what belongs to a family is relatively easy if you want to follow a pure genealogical approach. The application of the same rules as, for example, noble families. Everyone has a common ordinary father belong to the same family. Crystal Clear!

For the layman, it is often interesting to also include information concerning persons who are married into the family. The pure blood ties are not the only important. »Related to Wasling» is a much broader concept than »The Wasling family».


Naturally enough, the editor Lennart Wasling himself at the Centre of the compilation — one must sacrifice themselves in that role! The different family branches have since been described by ancestry (grandfather, grandmother, grandfather & grandmother is four different dates). Wife Maritas family have also been included, but it is only through us, there is a link between family circles.

As a starting point are elders knew about ancestor (Sigfrid Bengtsson from the farm Onsered, 1672-1756). He has been assigned, as generational qualifier, number I. His offspring are described with branches, from nine children in generation V (5), after the great-great-grandfather / father's father's father's father (Peter Jonasson).

The families of my father's father's father's mother (Maria Jonasdotter), my father's father's mother (Eva-Kajsa Petersdotter / »Peter's daughter»), my father's mother (Alma Jönsson-Pettersson) and my mother (Ester Carlsson /Wasling) follow next in the presentation. In my mothers branch you will find information of my maternal grand father and his father and so on. Later the family of my wife also will be described.

All people, married to anybody in the main line above, belong to different families, but their branches are connected here. And we are all related to each other, at least related to someone in a related family. I therefore invite you to see if and how you are related to any of us.

Family trees, pedigree charts and family group sheets

There are three types of diagrams in this chronicle.

1. The Family tree [Stamtavla in Swedish] shows one's descendants, two or three generations on each diagram. When you click with your mouse on »Stamtavla», you are moved to the next generation. In the upper left corner of the diagram you can move upwards. If you are searching for a certain man, it's probably the easiest way to find him in the family tree.

2. The ascendants of a man are shown in the Pedigree chart [Antavla]. They are not common here, but more of them will be published later.

3. You can find more detailed information of a man in the Family group sheets [Ansedel/Tabell]. Use the family trees and the group sheets together and navigate between them.

Climbing the family tree

Each page that appears contains brothers and sisters with their spouse/partner. From each of them you can then climb upwards (see top of page) to the parents (all links may not be finished). Downwards, to the children, you can jump via the heading Children (»Barn»).

In some cases, the links between the various family circles, for example at husbands who appears in two places in a tree or on a double relationship.

Coat of arms or badges

Every family branch has got its own »coat of arms». The symbolism is however not very deep. The purpose is rather to make it easier for the viewer to recognise unexpected relations.

Only one of the »coat of arms» is real. It is our own (on the top of this page) which is a registered one. Jesper Wasling is very interested in heraldry, and he is Secretary of the board of The Swedish Heraldry Society.